Friday, 9 September 2011

First Fun Day in BIM

This title has more than one meaning. I’ve had a bit of a difficult time adjusting to life here being that I’m away from my family and friends that I saw everyday back home and, of course, my love. But yesterday, things took a turn for the better. They had a Fun Day on the Guild Lawn and I went from slightly enthused to uninterested to really excited and I actually ended up having fun. Yaay! I sumo-wrestled for the first time. I got my ass whooped in sumo-wrestling for the first time too. It took two men to lift me into the suit because I’m too short. But I did have fun and I am happy I tried it. Also, I am grateful for Panadol- it got rid of that instant migraine from my head back slamming into the ground. What would I do if I did not have braids? Let’s not think about that.

I also watched an airing of The Basia Show which is a popular talk show in the Caribbean apparently.  I say apparently because only one of my Jamaican classmates had a clue what the show was. However, according to those involved with the show, that will soon be changed. The host Alicia “Basia” Powell (Trinidadian) is the wife of former West Indian cricketer Ricardo Powell (Jamaican) and, more importantly, a cancer survivor. She plays her part to spread awareness about cancer and to help in the fight against it. There were two shows taped but I and my friends only stayed for the first one because we went about exploring after that first taping. I must say that Mrs. Powell is a lovely lady and quite beautiful. An inspiration really. You can follow her at @BasiaShow on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook (search for The Basia Show and "like" it).

Her guests for the taping we watched were Biggie Irie and Blood. Blood really helped to improve the vibe of the crowd- he had us singing along and moving in our chairs even though most of us didn’t know the songs he performed at first. He does, however, have two other popular songs that I’m sure many of you may know- Kitty Cat and The Plumber

I later tried the inflatable obstacle course. I ended up hurting my toe but I fared better than the guy who fell on his face into the grass because he decided to slide down the end of the course face-first. *shudders*. I have deduced that many of these activities were not created with small people in mind but I shall endeavor to carry the flag for my people! Short people unite!

Peak: Trying the sumo suit and actually laughing due to something positive about my stay here
Pit: Falling and having my head hit the ground and the neck pain that I woke with a day after

Enough reading.  Now time for pics

Daddy Irie

Blood getting the crowd involved

Alicia "Basia" Powell

Getting ready for the showdown

My legs could not reach the bottom of the suit. *facepalm*

Sexy, yes?

Note that my left hand and feet are not visible

Pimp DOWN!

Lights out

Some girl on the inflatable mountain/rock. I was NOT gonna tempt fate with this


  1. omg .. that ob course looks fun!
    n that sumo outfit is... sexay!

    really looking fwd to ur other post...EVERY THING about b'dos

    btw... power to the little ppl!!

  2. This looks like such fun. You in that sumo suit is pricelessly hilarious. It almost swallows u up. LOL.

    JaBajaNas???? Does this alter ego only exist in Barbados??

    Miss u nuff and plenty.


  3. Thanks, Sade n Keeta. The alter ego exists in both countries. I have to put the Ja first tho. I'm getn the hang of the Bajan accent. My Trini is still better though. I miss u too, Keeta. xoxoxo