Friday, 31 August 2012

Laziness is a disease. I need a cure

I enrolled myself in a sewing course. Everyone should learn a trade, they say. You’ll benefit from having a skill, they say. Make yourself more marketable, they say. THEY should shut up sometimes. I decided to take a sewing course because I want to be able to make my own clothes if I feel like and I have often felt the desire to make my own clothes so I finally found the time in my schedule (with me being a resident of two countries and whatnot) and the money and I headed over to HEART and did a short course in Basic Garment Construction. Point to note: the course isn’t over yet but it’s past the midway mark.

Oh, how I wish I had waited and how I wish someone had talked me out of this (if it was even possible). I mean, I could have learned how to sew informally like my grandmother did and like so many other people I know. It would have been cheaper and I could set the pace according to my liking. A short course is a long course cut in half- the same amount of work but with less time to do it. Why didn’t this raise a flag to Nas? Clearly because she didn’t know any of this BEFORE she signed up. Who researches these things in-depth? Crazy people with too much time on their hands, that’s who. Every week I feel overwhelmed and I think about why I’d be better served to postpone learning to sew. But then I think about the fact that I paid my money already and that it’s my own fault that I am overwhelmed and I drag my ass to class and try to remember why I signed up in the first place.

Truth is, if I had waited I would probably keep putting this off until I ended up looking back with regret. I don’t really see myself having more free time as my life advances with the career path I’ve chosen and the plans to procreate with Mr. Man so he can take care of our children while I watch and take credit or place blame as the situations requires. The point being, my life will just get busier and busier as the years go by so I might as well make hay while the horses are sleeping so that they don’t wake up hungry with nothing to eat and trample me while running to a new farm that has hay. That’s how the saying goes, right?

Getting back on track, one of the major factors in my feeling overwhelmed is me not being prepared. It’s partially due to the fact that I do not have an up-to-date sewing machine (I use grandma’s- she doesn’t even use it anymore) and I do not have all the materials required for class (I have most at this point in time but I don’t have a case to put them in so I tend to leave an item or two at home every week). But a major part is the fact that I do not practice or even try to complete my assignments until the day before or the morning of class. I end up feeling so lost and I get so upset with the universe and the sewing machine and the lack of materials that I barely have time to deal with the real problem- me and the fact that I am lazy. I am so lazy that I give myself props for taking the first step of identifying and admitting that I am lazy and I feel that’s enough, I don’t have to take any of the other steps to overcome it. This needs to stop, if only so that I actually graduate this class with a decent portfolio.  *sigh* I think I would be so much further ahead if I had a proper machine. Don’t you? Alas, I don’t and I have to keep trotting along with what I have and continue with the self-pep talks. This is soooo much work!

I would have some pics to show you all of some of what I have done in class but I took those pics with my Blackberry and I explained in my previous post why getting those pictures will not be possible right now.

All the same, I thought I’d leave this post with some lessons that you should take away

1-      Being prepared is a large part of succeeding at anything you want to do. Research and practice are your guides to proper preparation

2-      It’s really hard to fight laziness when you’re ….lazy. (No, duh!)

3-      Horses are fickle creatures and angry when hungry

4-      I need a new sewing machine

Thanks for reading.  Keep me and my disease in your thoughts. Here’s hoping I get better J


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