Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Let's get personal

My laptop charger felt it time to go into early retirement. I discovered this at the best moment- when the “battery power is 10%” notification popped up. I quietly shut down the laptop and stared for a moment and then complained to Mr. Man who graciously tried to see if any life was left. There was none. I was super bummed. Just a couple days earlier my Blackberry decided it needed a break from active working life so I had comforted myself with the fact that I still had my laptop. Actually, taking some time off of BBM was quite appealing to me, threats from friends aside. I initially had budgetary concerns that influenced my decision to take a small break and then I started thinking I should extend my leave and sell my phone. My phone made the next move by going “Ha! I’ll show you! I’ll leave you before you can dump me”. Who knew phones could be so spiteful?

So here I was, lost in the world. Frustrated because I am one of those people that believe that things should work for the purpose(s) for which they were created or be removed from my presence (sometimes violently. J I kid about that part but I do think it). I much prefer when they do the former. Mr. Man said this is good for me ‘cause I’d get back to--- I honestly cannot remember what positive thing he said would come out of this. I must have repressed it due to trauma.

Thankfully, the universe did not have the same mentality as the sadist that is Mr. Man and I have a dad with a perfectly working laptop that I had used before I got mine who was more than willing to lend me until I got a new charger for mine. So I was still able to stay connected to the world (ie read blogs upon blogs upon blogs, stream shows I missed during the semester, clear Facebook notifications from my mother- she must be stopped-, tweet and do some blogging myself).

I didn’t and still don’t miss being as available as BBM and WhatsApp made me but it may be due largely to the fact that I tend to be horrible at maintaining communication and I now had the perfect (because it is true) excuse to not be in touch as much. To all my friends reading this, I mean communication with other people J. To be honest, I’m almost as accessible as I was with those two apps thanks to the other social networks that I have along with ancient means of communication like e-mail, text and actual phone calls.

The one downside is that I do not have the pictured from my time in Barbados to be able to help me write my blog posts about my time there with more detail and colour. So I got to thinking, maybe I should diversify the blog and make it into a more personal blog about the different aspects of my life and more opinion-centered rather than just the “student in a new country” part of my life. And so I shall. I think my writing style may change just a bit in an effort to try and keep readers entertained but it will still be me typing things just as I think them and just as I would say them.

I want to thank you all for going on this journey with me and I will do my best to make it worthwhile. Thanks in advance for all the well wishes for my BB. I’ve discovered shortcuts to getting some action from it and I am back on BBM temporarily now but I am still looking into permanent separation. I refuse to be mistreated! Hopefully I’ll get it fixed soon.

Until next time….blessings and love.


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