Thursday, 10 January 2013

Awesome News! Vote For Me (Take TWO ;) )

Vote for Jabanas for Best Overseas Jamaican Blog here

The pun in the title was not planned but aren't those the best types of puns really?

This is the original "Vote For Me" post that I had written in anticipation of  both categories being put up on the site since the day voting started for this year's Jamaica Blog Awards which was not the case, as I mentioned before. I apologize for the confusion that the lateness caused. But I can now officially say that:

I am up for TWO awards this year for the Jamaica Blog Awards

The time has come again where I ask you lovely readers and supporters to vote for me to help me have a chance at winning a Jamaica Blog Award. Don’t worry, the voting period will not be as long as before so I will be out of your hair real soon. I am nominated again for Best Overseas Jamaican Blog for JaBajaNas and I am also a contestant in the UNICEF Jamaica #Hashcon2012 competition for a post I wrote. The prize for the Hashcon2012 is a tablet pc. I cannot stress how much I would appreciate this. Not just because I am currently without even a smartphone- no joke, ask my former friends who have disowned me because of the sad excuse I have for a phone. As a Jamaican student in Barbados, having a tablet is a dream. There is no thought to buy one if I wish to pay my tuition and eat food while in BIM. So such a competition is a godsend. I explain in my Hashcon entry post what the topic for this year was (this year's topic was truly an important one) and you can check it out here.

Vote for Jabajanas for Best Overseas Jamaican Blog here

Voting lasts is until January 14. You can vote once per day. Get your friends to vote for me too.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this.

Much love,


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