Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Vote For Me in the Jamaica Blog Awards

So I had this post written yesterday but it had different information in anticipation of something that has yet to come to fruition (remember the Hashcon competition I entered with my last post? It has yet to be put up on the site for people to vote. I won’t say anymore on this topic because my uncensored opinion about this would not be positive and I am not yet in a censored place).  

The Jamaica Blog Awards are almost here and I am unexpectedly a finalist this year. I had made a conscious decision that I would not put myself in the running this year due partly to the disappointment from winning none of the five awards for which I was nominated last year (one for this blog and 4 for my other blog that has now been on pause because my co-author has basically lost interest and a male perspective was necessary to the style of the blog). All the same, supporters saw fit to nominate me and it was enough support to get me to be one of the fifteen (yes, 15!) finalists in the Best Overseas Jamaican Blog category. It is a very tight race and I truly do not expect to win but I am thrilled to be nominated a second time. The voting is done by fans/supporters and qualified judges with the supporters’ votes being worth 30 %. The fact that being nominated was such a surprise gave me some motivation to ask for votes and I went about it with some fervor last night and this morning. However, as the hours passed, I lost my zeal to ask for votes due in large part to the response (or lack thereof from a few people). For the most part, no one will support unless I ask them individually and when I ask people individually, it’s as if I am being a pest. Last year, I didn’t care. For whatever reason, this year, I do. It’s no longer fun. So while I would only have to pester people for half (literally) the amount of time as I did last year, I can’t quite find the energy needed to do so for a week. I think this is due to some responses I noticed to my campaigning for votes and then also some stems from disappointment in those who I expected support from. What are ya gonna do? C’est la vie, right? Moving along…

I am still very grateful to those who nominated me (it means the world to me, truly) and to those who vote before I even ask and who go the extra step to ask others to vote for me. And I am thankful to those who graciously took the time out to vote for me when I did ask. Mucho thanks to you all. I want to specially thank Yanique S., Karen L., Joel  M.(what is your last name again, Tokyo? Lol), Donia F.,Toysan G., jhenellemonique  and Ricardo (a fellow nominee- check out his blog, Veritas) for voting before I even asked them individually and making their support known so others could follow suit.  J And, of course, my mother and my cousin Kerry who always have my back, who shared the link and asked for support for me on good ol’ Facebook. Thanks a million!

If you want to start or keep voting for me, just click this link <-- it carries you straight to the button to vote for me. No hassle.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next time with new posts and awesome news about our future together. J

Update (Jan 10, 2013): The Hashcon category was finally put up this morning and you can vote for me by clicking this link


  1. Suck it up soldier!! lol this is my first time being nominated and im grateful for just that :) plus its a lot of exposure win or not. And you have my vote already :P

  2. I sound like a Debbie Downer, huh? I just felt blue for a bit there. I am grateful. And I remember how I felt last year getting my first nod :) I'm happy for you and I wish you the best of luck. And thank you so much for reading and for your support!

  3. Youre welcome and youre welcome :) and Arigato ^_^ Lol@Debbie Downer